Lehman Sanctuary

Connect to the Wild's Wonders.

Hands in spring seeps holding rare 3-toed salamanders and pickerel frogs.  Hands on tree bark staring closely at tiny clinging spring peeper frogs. Hands on trees navigating tufts of hills in the forested wetland. Hands on binoculars gazing at massive heron nests in a rare rookery. 

Located in Lehman Township, since 2006 the Millers have opened their land to exploration and education. The Sanctuary is a unique area of wetlands, old forest, natural meadow/grazing land and prime wildlife habitat. Considered an "exceptional value" wetland, waters flow into the natural trout producing stream of Bowman's Creek. In 2006, The PA Department of Environmental Protection Grants Center awarded a grant to create the foundation for a Montessori environmental education program to operate annually in this Sanctuary. The Lehman Sanctuary was awarded the 2016 Environmental Partnership Award from the Pennsylvania Environmental Council. Recent partnerships include Misericordia University, installing custom telemetry technology in the forested wetlands to monitor water quality in real time, and an instructional tool for regional classrooms. 
​Many hundreds of children, college students, and adults of all backgrounds experience - often for the first time - a truly rare and diverse sanctuary hands-on --- and emerge revitalized and with a new love of their natural world