".... our coolest classroom." - Misericordia University

Since 2005, the non-profit Lehman Sanctuary delivers adventure and an immersive S.T.E.M. environmental education program to community groups and schools that include Wyoming Valley Montessori School, Wyoming Seminary, Keystone Junior College and others. If you are a school, contact us for field education. If you are a private group interested in a unique natural adventure, contact us to reserve your visit.

A rare "exceptional values" forested wetland overlooking a unique heron rookery nesting habitat.  An older growth forest with massive 100+ year old Oaks and Hemlocks. Vernal pools, spring seeps, and streams filled with rare amphibians, like the Northern Spring Salamander, Northern Two-lined Salamander and the 3 Toed Salamander. A meadow home to Butterflies like the Cabbage White,​ Clouded Sulfur, and the Great Spangled Fritillary.



Undisturbed Wild.

Immersive Environmental Education 

​Lehman Sanctuary