Lehman Sanctuary

Connect to the Wild's Wonders.

Hands in Spring seeps holding four-toed salamanders and pickerel frogs.  Hands on tree bark staring closely at tiny clinging spring peeper frogs. Hands on trees navigating tufts of hills in the center of a rare marshland. Hands on binoculars gazing at massive heron nests in a rare rookery. 

Located in Lehman Township, since 2006 the Millers have opened their land to exploration and education. The Sanctuary is a unique area of wetlands, old forest, natural meadow/grazing land and prime wildlife habitat. In 2006, The PA
Department of Environmental Protection Grants Center awarded a grant to create the foundation for a Montessori environmental education program to operate annually in this Sanctuary.    
​From this start, many hundreds of children, college students, and adults of all backgrounds experience, often for the first time, a truly rare and diverse sanctuary hands-on --- and emerge revitalized and with a new love of their natural world