Lehman Sanctuary

Classrooms:  Join the Forest to Classroom program!
A Joint S.T.E.M. Program of the Lehman Sanctuary and Misericordia University

For the first time regionally, classrooms will connect to real-time scientific attributes of a pristine forested wetlands.  Advanced environmental telemetry and sensor technology is installed in the pristine forested wetlands of the Lehman Sanctuary. 

In your classroom, students can experience a dynamic living watershed -- connecting to daily water characteristics, 7 days a week – Ph, temperature, turbidity, dissolved O2, and conductivity.  Classes can also enhance this scientific study with field visits to the forest wetlands of the Lehman Sanctuary, Lehman Township, Luzerne County.

Join your classsroom: contact:  Cosima Wiese, Ph.D., Biology Department, Misericordia University:  cwiese@misericordia.edu;


Chris Miller, Lehman Sanctuary: Lehmansanctuary@gmail.com;

570-406-2639; www.LehmanSanctuary.org